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Livestock Updates Every Day at 11 AM! We Copper Treat All Fish!

Aquarium Maintenance

Take the stress out of owning an aquarium!

 Professional Aquarium Maintenance Services for Saltwater Aquariums Includes: 

Water change (20% – 25%)
Replace water with RODI water – mixed with high quality salt
Leave R/O freshwater to top off aquarium
Deliver livestock and other merchandise purchased by customer
Check and adjust salinity
Test water for pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, calcium, alkalinity, & phosphates
Algae-wipe inside of aquarium
Clean filter and replace cartridges, pads, and media (cartridges, pads, and media included with service agreement only)
Clean and adjust protein skimmer
Clean substrate (sand, rock, gravel, etc)
Water polishing (micron cleaning)
Clean & polish hardware (exterior of filters, light strips, glass tops, canopy, and stand)
Polish exterior of aquarium

All service prices quoted are within a 10 mile radius of Ocean To You.



Email: (Please include aquarium gallons, photo of aquarium & service address or zip code)

*Gallons = total system gal including filtration


We can move your aquarium across the room or across town!

Saltwater:  $70.00 (base charge) + $3.00 per gallon*

Tank Relocation Includes:
Safe removal, transportation, & acclimation of livestock (no guarantees on livestock survival)
Collection & transportation of 70% original water (keeps tank bacterially sound + reduces stress on livestock)
Breakdown of tank & equipment at old location
Set-up of tank & equipment at new location


All prices quoted in this brochure assume the service will be performed within a 10 mile radius of O2U.  A mileage charge of $2.00 per mile (over the initial 10 miles –  one way per visit) will be charged as per the maintenance vehicle odometer.

*Gallons = total system gal including filtration